Baccarat Variations: How they are Played and Won

If you’re aiming to master at least one casino game, you’ll never go wrong with baccarat. A game that is based mainly on chance, it is easy to play, has straightforward rules and will even give players the chance to improve their winning odds with the right strategies.

There are three bets present when playing baccarat. You can bet on the player, on the bank or on a tie. Seasoned players will tell you that the only bets you should be making should be a player bet or a banker bet, never the tie bet. Both these bets will offer almost the same winning possibilities whereas a bet on a tie offers really poor odds.

To simplify the game, baccarat played between the dealer and a player. Both players will be given a couple of cards where the goal is for the player to secure a point that closest to yet not over 9. However, between the dealer or the player has the highest point without going over 9 will be declared the winner. When betting, you make a wager based on who you think is going to win— the player or the banker or if you think your hand is going to have the same point. Several variations to the baccarat game can be found online.

However, the foundations and the basic principles behind how it is played largely stay the same. Despite how unassuming and simple baccarat may seem, it is certainly not ideal for those without some guts. In traditional casinos, this game is known for its rather hefty minimum bets with maximum bets even reaching some very extreme figures.  In online casinos, you may be able to play the game with a bet as low as $1 with most websites allowing you to bet up to $250.

Some sites may allow you to bet over that figure per hand. Regardless, this alone implies that if you’re interested in playing baccarat with real money at stake, you need to have a rather solid bankroll. There are numerous versions of baccarat that you can play today. In most cases, the same basic principles are still applied with some minor tweaks introduced to the way the game is played.

Chemin de Fer

Also referred to as “chemmy”, this is one of the earliest French versions of the game. The game resembles modern baccarat very much with the only difference being the bank is only allowed to wager on his hand.

The bank will also need to play the winnings of every player. The casino then takes a 5% commission on whatever gains the bank has.

Baccarat en Banque

In this game, the function of the bank isn’t passed between players. Rather the casino dealer will handle the bank function with an extra hand being dealt. Players have the choice to bet on both hands but never on the bank. The bank is also not covered by third card rules. This means that the bank can choose to stand or draw whenever he wishes to. 

European Baccarat

The banker role isn’t being passed on to the players. The casino’s dealer will fill that role. Players have the option to pull or stand of 5 and there are no complicated card rules that tie the hands of the bank as well. It is his discretion to either withdraw or stand. A player will need to pay the casino a certain percentage of their bet. The same is true when they win on the hand that the bank has.